Economy and Quality in a Grandiose Appeal are the two top reasons why you should choose Regency Grand Suites. But, where can you find these in Manila wherein almost all commodities are escalating? Well, it is a matter of doing more research, inquiries, or just by learning from your mistakes.

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Economy and Quality

Absolutely, we are the most economical hotel that you can get here in Manila with a grandeur experience! Yes, correct we are not just affordable – quality and 100% care are our top advantages!

Economically or practically speaking, staying in a luxurious hotel even if there is affordable yet similar or better quality must be a consideration. You know, too many bills are vying for your savings. It really matters to find better alternatives or options.

Regency Grand Suites is not just an ordinary hotel or rooms in Manila. It is a first class hotel that makes you special and very important person.

Whether you are single, married, or just an adventurer always bear in your mind that MONEY SAVED is MONEY EARNED! In Regency, you are not just saved bucks – you literally enjoy the luxurious lifestyle with no compromises!